‘Milestone’ in polio eradication achieved – BBC News

‘Milestone’ in polio eradication achieved – BBC News

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A health worker gives the polio vaccine to a child in Pakistan, where, like Afghanistan, polio is still endemic

The second of three forms of the polio virus has been eradicated, experts have announced.There are three types of the wild polio virus, which, while scientifically different, cause the same symptoms, including paralysis or even death,The world was declared free of type 2 four years ago – and now the World Health Organization has said type 3 has also been eradicated.But type 1 is still circulating in Afghanistan and Pakistan.Polio usually affects children under five. The WHO estimates one in 200 cases leads to irreversible paralysis. Death can occur when breathing muscles are affected by the paralysis.There is no cure but the polio vaccine protects children for life.Cases of wild polio have fallen by 99% since 1988.The declaration type 2 had been wiped out was made in 2015, a full 16 years after the last case was seen in India.’Not finished’It has been seven years since the last case of type 3 polio was detected, in no
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