Corbyn apologises for antisemitism in Labour party

Corbyn apologises for antisemitism in Labour party

Jeremy Corbyn has apologised to the Jewish community for antisemitic incidents involving Labour party members and said he was dealing with the issue.
The Labour leader said: “Obviously I’m very sorry for what has happened,” after being asked to apologise directly by presenter Philip Schofield, in an interview on ITV’s This Morning.
Corbyn has previously apologised for antisemitic incidents involving party members but during the general election campaign he has been dogged by criticism that has not said sorry again when he has been given the opportunity. He declined to apologise four times during an interview with the BBC presenter Andrew Neil.

In an exchange with Schofield, who said he was giving him the opportunity to say sorry, Corbyn at first spoke about ways he has tried to improve the way incidents are dealt with.
Asked if he would apologise,

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